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Watches of your own design
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Goods made of precious and carving stones, brilliants.
Mechanical watches made of gold and silver.
Expensive bussiness gifts and watches.
Watches with logo and markings.

Express delivery across Moscow. Whole world delivery.

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Exlusive Gifts Shop:
Moscow, Arbat st.,11

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Watches of your own design

The order and manufacturing of watches on your sample, with your symbology

You can order any design of dial and cover for various models of mechanical watches Poljot, Vostok, Slava, Molniya.

  •  The image on a dial of your trade mark, an emblem of your company,
  •  your image on a dial any other photo,
  •   any image on a dial ,
  •   laser engraving on watches' cover , the congratulations, memorable inscriptions, etc.

In our shop we give you an opportunity to choose watches of such brands as Poljot,Vostok, Slava, Molniya , and on their basis to generate the order for a party from 10 pieces and more.

All conditions of payment, the price and delivery are stipulating separately. The size of the minimal party of watches of one model (case) that are necessary for accommodation of the order is 10 pieces.

 The answer with the information on terms of your order will be given in few days from the moment of the order.

Form for the watch order

Dial-plate material*:  
Dial-plate style*:  
Back cover's engraving*:  
Put a file to the order:  
(If you want to put some files, please, pack these files in onearchive)
Additional information to the order
Name *:
E-mail *:
Phone 1 *:
Phone 2:
The post address *:

The fields marked by a red asterisk (*) are obligatory for filling.

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