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Rare and Exclusive Goods
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Goods made of precious and carving stones, brilliants.
Mechanical watches made of gold and silver.
Expensive bussiness gifts and watches.
Watches with logo and markings.

Express delivery across Moscow. Whole world delivery.

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Все российские часы. Эксклюзивный интернет магазин всех часовых заводов.
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Rare and Exclusive Goods

Desktop Clocks

Настольные часы Here you can find table clocks made of jade, gold, silver, decorated with precious stones: diamonds, emeralds, rubies, garnets, pearls.
The technique used at the production is a hand work with a stone, engraving and embossing. Some clocks which are represented in this section, are identical to those, standing in the working rooms of the Russian Government.
Such an exclusive present will certainly change your office’s image into the one with the atmosphere of reliability and confidence in the future.
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Photo frames

Elegant photo frames are made of silver and gold in combination with natural stones – jade, diamond, emerald, pearl, jasper, chrysolite and other.
At the production of these presents different techniques were used by the artists. For example, Faberge Style. There were also used such techniques as engraving, embossing, gilding, enameling, stone carving. Gentle colors and original design make the photo frame not only a beautiful gift, but also a stylish decoration of every interior.
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Decorative and Jewelry Caskets

Настольные, интерьерные украшения. Бюсты Here is represented a collection of hand-made caskets made of precious metals and stones. Masters have used the techniques of gilding, engraving, color enameling, painting with flowers and patterns.
The caskets, represented here, differ in form, size and style. That is why they will certainly suit to every interior.
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Table Decorations. Busts

Миниатюры, скульптуры животных Girandoles and candlesticks, book selves, busts of famous historical figures, sculptures, table sets, made of precious, semi-precious and carving stones, gold, silver.
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Miniatures, animals’ sculptures

Шахматы, нарды Statues made of silver, gold and stones with the use of gilding technique as well as engraving and carving.
There are also table decorations where animals play major roles.
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Chess sets, backgammons

Декоративные вазы, кубки

Chess is a table game, which combines in itself art, science and sport. It is one of the oldest games on Earth which held out till the present. For many years the game was considered to be the one of kings and aristocracy. Sets of chess and backgammons are produces in single copies. Their production is usually devoted to certain historical battles. For example “Kulikovskaya battle”, “300 Spartans”. Some of them are made on the motives of famous epic poems, for example “Illiada”.

Every chess piece is made by creative hands of an artist and represents a real and unique work of art. Materials, used at the production, are vary from porcelain to mammoth bones.   

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Decorative vases, cups

Предметы сервировки Table vases and cups represented here, are made of black, green, honey-colored jade, turquoise and jasper.
Artists used all their rich imagination by making the decorations of different forms, decorating them with flowers, bay leaves or birds.
Vases are decorated with gold, silver, bronze.
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Table appointments

Изделия с хрусталем

In this section there are represented all kinds of table appointment – coffee sets, caviar bowls, made of gold and silver, trays and glasses decorated with diamonds and emeralds, place settings made of mammoth bone and precious stones, jade tea-cloth holders and many other useful and beautiful table things.

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