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Collection Award Weapon
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Collection Award Weapon

"Oruzheynik" Factory

It is a manufacture of elite blade arms of high art.
Increasing the old traditions of the armourers of Zlatoust, on their works the masters of “Oruzheynik” factory are capturing important milestones in the modern history of the Russian Federation, as well as memorable dates and remarkable events of life of outstanding people of our age.
About “Oruzheynik” Factory

Collection Award Hangers

Кортик Hanger is a blade arms which is characterized by the bold decorations on the blade itself, hilt and sheath. For the first time it appeared at the end of XVI century.
Originally it was used as the arms of the boarding battle. At the times of pre-revolutionary Russia officers and civil officials of Sea Services carried the hangers.
The hanger is a essential part of a modern uniform of Naval Forces in different countries. In the Russian Federation the one is a part of the uniform of admirals, generals, officers and warrant officers. It is worn in accordance with a special guide, mostly on parades.
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Exclusive Gift Stylets

Эксклюзивные подарочные стилеты Stylet (from Latin “stilus” – sharp thing) is a dagger with a thin and short blade of Italian origin.
Small sizes and perfect sharpness of the blade let the stylet penetrate through the knights’ armors or scales of coats of mail without an effort. As a result, the dying warrior, injured by stylet, didn’t suffer from pain. That is why the one is often called “an Injection of Mercy”.
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Rear Collection Daggers

Редкие, коллекционные кинжалы Dagger is a edged weapons with a short straight or curved blade(up to 50 sm), which is sharpened on one or both sides.
Mostly the dagger is used for the close combat, but there are also daggers with weighted blade, which may serve for throwing.
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Exclusive Collection Draughts, Sabers, Swords

Эксклюзивные, коллекционные шашки, сабли, мечи Saber (from Hungarian “czablya” – to cut).
In Russia of the XVIth century horse and foot-born riflemen were equipped with sabers. Since the XVIII century in European and Russian armies the one was used by light cavalry and line officers of all branches of the armed forces.
In 1881 in the Russian army the saber was replaced by the draught and remained only by Guards as a parade weapon. In the Soviet Union of 1940 the sabers were introduced into a parade practice.
Sword is a long cut and thrust edged weapon. The appearance of the first bronze swords refers to the beginning of the two thousand years of B.C.E, when it became possible to make the blades of a bigger size than a dagger had. The iron sword appeared in about 1300 of B.C.E. right before the Trojan War.
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Expensive Gift Walking Sticks with Stylets

Дорогие, подарочные трости со стилетами Foldable walking sticks with fitted stylets. They were very popular at the times, when the arms’ bearing was forbidden.
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