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Goods made of precious and carving stones, brilliants.
Mechanical watches made of gold and silver.
Expensive bussiness gifts and watches.
Watches with logo and markings.

Express delivery across Moscow. Whole world delivery.

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Watches made of gold and silver, decorated with precious stones

Watches made of gold and silver with precious stones
A wide variety of watches for ladies and gentlemen, which are made in Russia. They are encased in silver or gold. Some models have a precious stonesТ inlay Ц with diamonds and sapphires. Swiss and Russian clockworks, automatic and chronographs.     

Collection Award Weapon

Collection Award Weapon
Classical marine broadswords and hangers, infantry and cavalry swords, daggers, dragoon and Cossack sabers, sabers, swords, canes, stylets, knives and other works of modern arms art.

Presents with the State symbolism of Russia

Presents with the State symbolism of Russia
The Presents with the Russian State symbolism are made of precious metals and gems. Here you can find  various business card holders for your pocket or a working table. There is a State Emblem of silver and gold on them. The decoration with diamonds and enamel guilloche also reside. In this section one can find table writing sets of jade, stele УRussian State EmblemФ, table clock. All these presents are made at a limited edition using best Russian traditions of a jewellerТs art.

Rear and exclusive presents

Exclusive goods
Here are the rear and exclusive things of the modern jewellerТs art. Table clocks, busts and interior decorations, photo frames, decorative caskets, chess and awards, vases and table appointments Ц are on offer. All these thing are made in a single copy. The terms of production differ up to several months.

Exact copies of Faberge jewelry

Replica of Faberge
In the works of the famous Faberge House one can find all European art styles from the ancient Greece to Gothic Ц the Renaissance, Rococo, Neoclassicism, Empire, as well as the art of Arabic East, Persia, India, China and Japan. Our collection includes only the exact copies of Faberge masterpieces, which could differ from the originals by the size and some small parts. All the presents are made of precious metals and gems by the distinguished Russian artists.

Mechanical chronograph "The Russian President"

The mechanical chronograph The Russian President
Various choices of the official models of the watch УThe Russian PresidentФ. The watches are made with the use of the Russian clockwork 3133 for chronograph, as well as with the Swiss automatic clockwork. Here are represented the watches with the double gilding, watches in silver, gold or combined (gold plus silver) cases. Some models are decorated with pastes, the ones, encased in gold, have a diamond inlay.

Business goods

Business goods
A style of a successful businessman should be thought over up to the smallest details including his wardrobe stuff. It's also useful to remember the fallowing dependence: the things, which are evidences of a success, attract this success to their possessor. And no doubt that the most expressive means of prosperity are precious metals and stones. Business accessories will introduce into your appearance the slight and at the same time noticeable touches of refinement and delicate taste.

Desk sets. Lamps

Collection of desk sets and decorations made of precious metals and gems. Goods with the national Russian symbolism, works made by the leading Russian art-masters, preserving the best traditions of the jewellerТs arts and crafts. In this section one can find the exact copy of the table set, standing in the Malyj office of the Russian President as well as a table lamp УPresidentФ from the working study of the Russian leader. All items are made in a few copies.

Gift sets of medals, bonds, epaulets, plaquettes

Silver bonds of the US dollars and Russian rubles with the gilding. All of them are produced on the Moscow and Washington mints. Theme gift sets of medals, made of silver and gold Ц УRussian Tsars and EmperorsФ, УXX Century. Russian governors.Ф GeneralТs and other gift sets of silver. Plaquettes with the bronze bas-relief.

Gold watches with the personal logo or on your own design

Watches to Your order
Watches, manufactured both in Russia and Europe. We are glad to fulfill your wishes concerning the individual production of watches with your own symbolism or logo. The watch cases could be made of stainless steel, gold or silver. It is also possible to manufacture watches of the customerТs own design.

Books from the gift fund of the Russian President

Books from the gift fund of the Russian President
The books are published at the limited number, have individual numbers and differ in the types of editions (gift, VIP, Presidential). The owners of the first copies of "The President's edition" are the first president of the Russian Federation - Boris Yeltsyn, the current president - Vlodimir Putin and other officials. In this section one can find such editions as УThe Moscow Kremlin on the border of thousand yearsФ, УSankt-Petersburg. 1703-2003Ф, У"Imperial Decree on the Russian chevalier orders" and many other exclusive editions. 


Order is the pure sign of merit, honorary award for a perfect service in battle. The exact copies of Russian imperial awards and orders of the czar for the faultless service, for the distinguished work in the field of civil service, for the charity and other accomplishments Ц all these you can find here. The items are made with the use of different technologies, such as engraving, gilding, enameling.
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